This post will show how to set up Payment Option of your Shop — Online Payment.
Read more for Setting up Bank Transfer,  Cash On Delivery.
Full guidance of how to use ForeverShop.

ForeverShop offers you options to set up payment methods you prefer, you can choose, eWallets, Bank Transfer, or Cash On Delivery.

1.Open the ForeverShop App, and Click “Shop Details”

2.Then you can find out the all the payment options, click on “Support eWallet (Paytm/BHIM/…)”

3.Choose the eWallets you prefer to accept payment, check for the right Account Number and Save.

4. When the customers buy your product, they could pay to your eWallets account directly. If customers successfully ordered the product, both the customer and you will get an order SMS.

Customer SMS example:  You have successfully ordered [Mysore Art Silk Saree…]. After payment successfully. Please contact the seller to confirm your payment. [Airtel Money:1234567890] you can get more info in the order detail: