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This is a full guidance for you to understand more of how to use ForeverShop to get more sale.  You also can contact ForeverShop Support WhatsApp: 7625030216

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Download, Install and Create Shop
1.Download and Install ForeverShop
2.Register with ForeverShop
3.Create your own Shop

Add, delete Product
1.Add One Product Once
2.Add Multiple Products Once
3.Add more details to your Product
4.How to Inactive or Delete a product
5.How to quickly create products

Optimise your Shop
1.Set up your Shop Logo
2.Set up your Shop Cover
3.Set up more Shop Information: About, Popup
4.Set up your own website (URL)

Share to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram
1.Share one product to WhatsApp
2.Share one product to Facebook
3.Share Multiple products to Facebook/WhatsApp
4.Share one product to Instagram
5.Share your Shop to Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram…

Choose Payment Methods
1.Online Payment: eWallets, Netbanking…
2.Bank Transfer
3.COD (Cash On Delivery)

How customers would buy from my Shop
1.Where do customers find my Shop?
2.How do customers buy from my Shop?
3.How do customers contact me?

Order Management
1.How to check new orders
2.How to confirm payment
3.How to Dispatch and put courier information

Customer Service
1.How to set up Customer Service Info.
2.How to Reply customer questions.